Friday, February 13, 2009

The B factor

Today as I walked the tracks at the park, an unknown face extended a few smiles. Giving myself a lesson on two on my forgetfulness, I continued. Shortly, as I was about to leave, she approached me with an even bigger smile. “Hi, are you from this place? We have recently shifted to the city”. A wave of relief swept me. I would not be put under scanner to scratch my memory in the Guess who game. But by then something else was ready for me. She continued, “You are very beautiful, I was wondering if you have a younger sister. You see my son is of marriageable age. I am looking for a good match for him. If not your sister can you suggest someone like you”…Hey stop, I Don’t even know you, for that matter you do not know me at all…I was confused beyond measure, but before I could react , she extended an open invitation for tea and left. As a stared at her back I was stunned by what had just happened. She did not know me, and yet she wanted a daughter in law like me, I mean one who would look like me. How much we are smitten by the B factor. In this particular case, Beauty did seem to be the first and single most important factor for choosing a spouse or a daughter in law. I then thought about the many beautiful daughters in law in my acquaintance who are constantly criticized for something or other especially for not adjusting to the ‘in law’s’ way of life. Is the criteria of compatibility and adjustment even given a thought while match making? And if not, then why all the complaints? You have a good looking daughter in law/wife you can flaunt and who would ensure beautiful Progeny . You did get what you asked for. Does that leave any place to complain for anything else that did not come with the package when you had not specified those needs while ordering?

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  1. Hey Sapna, i cant help but comment on this post.My mother has often expressed her admiration for the way u conduct your life. Apart from being a success professionally, u are also a very good, wife, mother and above all a is never easy to balance all those roles but u seem to have managed them beautifully.I cant blame the woman for wanting a D-i-l like you, women have an intution about these things.
    Apart from that, read some of yur posts. What comes through is an honesty and a sense of conviction about your beliefs which is rare in todays day and age.Also a sense of bringing about social change and awareness which is so needed in this cynical society. Keep up the good work, showing people light and direction , especially young minds and i am sure you are a beacon for many.I for one have admired your single minded focus and your ability to be versatile , while being grounded.
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