Monday, February 9, 2009


My interaction with the youth recently left me wondering. Am I going overboard with the concern for social growth and individual development? Is it that people are OK and I am getting idealistic or probably bitten by the Social Welfare bug? It is confusing me. I interpret it to be all about ME and US, but people around me think it's about 'THEM'. When I look around and see educated people littering the road, I cannot take it, but the moment I bend down and pick up the mess, I get weird look. Best is yet to come. If I point out to them, they point right back and say everyone else is throwing the rubbish here so what’s wrong?!! Disturbed by the brusque almost atrocious attitude of traffic cops, when I brought up the issue with a group of young professional, the reply was rather flat- I have my own priorities set, why to get involved unless it’s about me?!! Why are we so insensitive? I feel like living a disconnected society where everyone lives for themselves. It’s a reason to mock if someone like me dares to talk about standing for the common good-“you are too idealistic man! Grow up”. We do not have time till our back is on fire. Am I flipping? Help me.

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  1. A vast majority of the billions live for themselves so you should embrace that fact. The stupidest question to ask is "why are people so stupid?". There is no such thing as too much ideology or too much goodness. There is only "the right thing to do" and "the other right thing to do". The billions do the "other right thing to do" which is focus on themselves. The ones who want to do "the right thing to do" need to be persistent. Without that persistence, they also fall in the other category. Everything reaches critical mass at some point and social revolutions and widespread changes happen. The more people in the "right thing to do" category, the sooner you will reach that critical mass. Human behavior is a force of nature like fire and water. You cannot control it, you can only put up strategic guides, or the right nudges, in place to channel it and keep it out of harm's way, and, like in 1947, even use it as a weapon of mass change