Thursday, February 5, 2009


Having come halfway, many things have started appearing different. But as I move along I am compelled to ask myself -is it really so? are things really different now? then the answer comes, 'perhaps, its now that I can stop and assimilate, now I can question and reflect', and yes that does give a new light to it all. As I stand here and reflect now, the change that strikes me most is myself. I am in awe of myself. 'I have grown and kind of 'Arrieved'. And how? life, for past 2 decades, seemed to be a symphony of struggles interspersed with questions, which ofcourse were left so given the constraints of time. Now this new phase seems to be spurting with a series of answers. Even answers to the seemingly forgotten questions. what is happening?


  1. I agree. However, I understand life is like that. Live it or leave it kinds.

  2. Its like looking at horizon from different floors of a building. As we climb higher up in life things seem different as our horizon keep adding with the floors. what was thought to be correct suddenly appears wrong and what was incorrect appears seemingly fine. Our vision changes as we grow in life and experiences.